Careers and Working

This page should be a guide for all those interested in the financial side of Oxford, and want to find out what help is available but don’t know where to begin! Whilst this page might be most helpful for freshers, it should also be helpful for anyone who finds themselves suddenly in need of this information. If you have any questions, feel free to email for more information!

Working during the Holidays

As you may know, the university isn’t too keen on the idea of its students working during term time, due to the heavy workload that its courses require. However, to maintain a decent income this is often necessary. How to overcome this? Work during the vac!

Talk to your current employer, if you have one. Will you be able to keep your job and work over Christmas, Easter and summer? These are often busy times when full-time staff go on holiday so make sure to sell yourself.

Can you get a job during the vacation? Many jobs require an application in advance, so make sure to start applying during term if necessary.

Some jobs can be done on a more ‘casual’ or independent basis, including proofreading, tutoring, dog walking etc.

The University and College do offer some paid work opportunities, such as Interview Helper and Student Ambassador roles during the vacations. These are often well-paid, so please consider applying!

Desperate for an internship during the vacation? Try to get one closer to home, to minimise travel costs (etc.) and try to secure payment for your time!


During studies

Get in contact with the University Careers Service, who offer workshops to improve your employability skills as well as offering job and internship opportunities. They send out periodic emails throughout the year, in addition.

Sign up to Linkedin, and keep your profile updated and make sure you have a CV ready and up to date. Sign up to receive alerts from Target Jobs and other recruitment firms, to receive the most up-to-date opportunities.

After graduation

Bright Network: Graduate Careers For Bright Minds — internship and job-finding help, CV help, events….it’s all here!

Rare | Leaders in diversity graduate recruitment —programmes for BAME undergraduates.

upReach – Boosting social mobility by supporting students from less-advantaged backgrounds to secure top jobs — want CV and application support? Opportunities for personal development? Exclusive employer opportunities? Workshops? upReach is for you!