Executive Elections TT23

The Executive Committee elections are happening this term. Contact the President (jcr.president@merton.ox.ac.uk) for more info, or to nominate (run). The positions up for election are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Access and Equal Opportunities Rep, Academic Affairs (AcAf) Rep, Entertainment (Entz) Reps and Welfare Officers.


President Nominations CloseSun Week 3 (7 May)
Other Nominations CloseSun Week 4 (14 May)
Presidential HustingsThurs Week 3 (11 May) – 7:30pm
Presidential Voting & ResultsFri Week 3 (12 May)
VP & AcAf HustingsMon Week 4 (15 May)
Treasurer & Access Rep HustingsTues Week 4 (16 May)
Welfare Reps HustingsWeds Week 4 (17 May)
Entz Reps HustingsThurs Week 4 (18 May)
Voting and ResultsFri Week 4 (19 May)


Manifestos coming soon.