Current election (2020):

(Alphabetical order)

President (Over):

Eloise Hall - President Manifesto (PDF)

Eloise Hall - President Manifesto (Accessible)

Mairi Franklin - President Manifesto (PDF)

Mairi Franklin - President Manifesto (Accessible)


Elizabeth Down - VP Manifesto PDF

Elizabeth Down - VP Manifesto DOCX


Rishin Madan - Treasurer Manifesto

Rishin Madan - Treasurer Manifesto (Accessible)

Access and Equal Opportunities:

Grace Walters - Access Manifesto PDF

Grace Walters - Access Manifesto DOCX

Academic Affairs:

Luke Bateman - AcAf Manifesto PDF

Luke Bateman - AcAf Manifesto DOCX

Rachel Lo - AcAf Manifesto PDF

Rachel Lo - AcAf Manifesto DOCX

Female Welfare:

Poppy Jagger - FWelfare Manifesto PDF

Poppy Jagger - FWelfare Manifesto DOCX

Male Welfare:

Keiran Peyton - MWelfare Manifesto PDF

Keiran Peyton - MWelfare Manifesto DOCX


William Barker - Entz Manifesto PDF

William Barker - Entz Manifesto DOCX

Hannah Sirringhaus - Entz Manifesto PDF

Hannah Sirringhaus - Entz Manifesto DOCX

Past elections:


(Winners first)


President - Lucy Buxton


Vice President - Ross Moore

Vice President - Jessica Hinks


Treasurer - Siddhant Iyer

Treasurer - Oliver Bowling

Access and Equal Opportunities:

Access and Equal Opportunities - Rebecca Smithson

Access and Equal Opportunities - Willow Rolls

Access and Equal Opportunities - Oliver Shaw

Access and Equal Opportunities - Kaveeta Malhi

Access and Equal Opportunities - Jack Horrobin

Academic Affairs:

Academic Affairs - Grace Clark

Female Welfare:

Female Welfare - Cecilia Bronzoni

Male Welfare:

Male Welfare - Christian Kirk


Entertainment - Joe Hyland Deeson

Entertainment - Amy Hearn

Previous elections:

(Completely unsorted)

President: Pres


Treasurer: Treasurer

Access and Equal Opportunities: Access

Academic Affairs: AcAf

Welfare: Welfare

Entertainment: Entz