College academic provisions

The Senior Tutor, Dr Rachel Buxton, works alongside Katy Fifield, Julie Gerhardi, and Sarah Hagger in the Academic Office, and with the Academic Office Assistant, Academic Officer and Schools Liaison and Access Officer, to look after academic affairs connected with junior members from application to graduation.

You will find that all members of the Academic Office are extremely helpful and prompt with their replies. Being a small community, Merton College is able to care for each of its members in a way that individuals do really count. The College is well-resourced to help, but we can only do that when we know that there is a problem. Whatever the issue is, share it with someone so that you can get the most out of your undergraduate days.

Academic Registrar: Katy Fifield

The College’s Academic Registrar is a first point of contact for help and advice regarding:

  1. alternative exam requirements such as extra time, use of computers or dictionaries, making alternative arrangements for exams which clash with religious holidays.
  2. co-ordinating support for students with disabilities or health problems (signaling special needs to Tutors; liaising with College staff on food, accommodation, laundry; linking with the Disability Advisory Service, etc.)
  3. discussing potential suspension of studies where there is a legitimate cause.

Contact Information:

Room: Fellows' 4

Academic Office Internal: 76329


Senior Tutor: Rachel Buxton

Dr Rachel Buxton is one of the College officers available to see junior members to discuss problems and offer advice.

Contact Information:

Room: Fellows' 4.2

Internal: 86505