Environment & ethics

Environmental and Ethical issues at Merton are handled by the JCR and MCR E&E reps, who aim to provide advice and guidance for the student body. However, it is up to each student within the community to recycle effectively, and attempt to reduce their energy usage in order to diminish their impact upon the environment. Merton has its very own Green Guide which has some really useful information about ways of living sustainably in Oxford, and fantastic advice about buying local produce.

Every year, old bikes are recycled and sold on to students- information on this scheme is sent out via email in Trinity.

Oxford City Council provides a very thorough recycling scheme, which will obviously differ from that of your home town, so please make sure that you have a look at the guidance on these pages, as well as some useful tips on conserving energy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the current JCR E&E Representative.

Please see the Green Guide for more information: