Energy conservation

Save Energy

Reduce your own and the college's energy footprints through simple behavioural changes

  1. Only boil as much water as you need in the kettle
  2. Cover the pot while waiting for water to boil
  3. Turn off appliances and lights when you are finished
  4. The oven heats up quickly and does not need to be preheated for long
  5. Eat fresh food rather than frozen
  6. Buy local produce to prevent transport costs, with the added benefit of less packaging (it's also cheaper!)
  7. Avoid wasting food by planning your meals
  8. Try one-pot cooking

Save Water

Water is a precious resource, please conserve it

  1. Don't leave taps running
  2. Drink tap water rather than mineral/bottled water
  3. Fill up the sink with water rather than washing plates under a running tap
  4. Don't use running water to defrost frozen food
  5. Use washing-up liquid sparingly