It's really important to take full advantage of the great recycling schemes offered by the council. The website offers great advice-

Each room has a landfill bin, and a blue mixed recycling bin. The blue bin can be used for most paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal; please see below for more specific information. Please be aware that you can't recycle crisp packets/confectionary wrappers, but most other plastics are recyclable. The majority of kitchens should be equipped with a food waste bin, which can be used for all food scraps, including eggshells.

Holywell Street residents are responsible for maintaining their own food waste bin- each caddy should be lined with newspaper, or biodegradable compost bags (which can be easily bought online). The larger of these two green bins must be placed outside each house for collection between 7pm on Wednesday and 7am on Thursday.

It is important to note that if any of these recycling bins are misused, they are contaminated, and all of the recyclable waste will have to be sent to landfill. If we manage to recycle effectively, we can make a huge reduction to Merton's waste output.

For more information, check out the Recycling guide.