If you’re looking to continue your footballing career at Oxford, then Merton is a great place to be. As with some other sports, such as rugby and cricket, Merton’s footballers combine with Mansfield College to form the M&M’s, probably the best partnership since Sutton and Shearer. We currently have two men’s teams, the Firsts and Seconds.

Many of Merton’s players are very dedicated, but that does not take away from the fun and friendly atmosphere around the team. That said, there are certain advantages to fielding a full complement of 11 players, and an even better turnout only improves our chances of playing well – and maybe even winning. We play friendlies and league games as well as in ‘Cuppers’, an intercollegiate knock-out competition rivalling the FA Cup for prestige. Games are generally played once or twice a week, depending on how far we go in Cuppers. Commitment to training varies.

The M&M’s have enjoyed our fair share of success in recent years, with the Firsts gaining promotion in the 2015-16 season, and the Seconds matching that achievement in 2016-17. For those looking to contribute to future success, get in touch with the team captains. Alternatively, freshers can sign up during Freshers’ Week, and come to the introductory training session. Up the M’s!

Team Captains

Men’s First: ???

Men’s Second: James Chalaby

Women’s: ???