Music Society

Music Society

Music Society

Merton College Music Society is one of the most lively and exciting music societies in the University of Oxford. The society is student-run and maintains two main ensembles: the Kodaly Choir and the Fidelio Orchestra (see below), which are joint with University College, as well as putting on a wide variety of high-quality concerts and recitals over the course of the year.

We welcome musicians of all abilities who enjoy rehearsing and performing great music in a relaxed and informal environment.

Kodaly Choir

The Kodaly Choir is an intimate, non-auditioning group of singers from both Merton and Univ colleges that performs a wide and entertaining repertoire from madrigals to musicals. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience; our line-up includes music students, members of Merton’s prestigious chapel choir and first time choral singers.
Kodaly Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings 20.15-21.30 in the Mure Room. For more information, contact the Kodaly Choir manager.

Fidelio Orchestra

The Fidelio Orchestra is also a collaboration between Merton and Univ Colleges and is a non-auditioning orchestra that tackles an exciting variety of repertoire. Whether you are a very active musician or haven’t picked up your trombone in years, come along and join the fun.
The orchestra rehearses from 4.00 to 6.00 on Fridays in the college chapel. For more information, contact the Fidelio Orchestra manager.


One of the main functions of the music society is to host and promote the many recitals that happen at Merton during termtime. These often involve students from Merton or University colleges, but also attract professional musicians and students from other colleges who would like the chance to perform in Merton chapel or in our T S Eliot theatre.
If you are interested in performing or receiving notices about upcoming recitals, contact Lila Chrisp.

Music at the University of Oxford

Outside of Merton there is a thriving music scene, centred around the Oxford University Music Society. As well as two full orchestras, there is a huge variety of other university-wide bands, choirs and ensembles, catering to every musical taste! If you have any general queries or questions about music, concerts or recitals, or if you just fancy a chat about what MCMS can offer you, please contact the president.


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