The Junior Common Room is effectively a mini student’s union for Merton’s undergraduates. You can opt-out of membership by emailing the Vice President. It is run by a Committee who work to represent Undergraduates’ interests to the College, and other University bodies, such as the University’s Student Union (OUSU) or PresCom (a group made up of all the Common Room presidents across all the Oxford Colleges)

All Undergraduates at Merton have the right to have their say in JCR matters, by voting in elections, or submitting motions to the OGMs (Ordinary General Meetings) held fortnightly during term (they also have free pizza!)

Standing Orders & Constitution

Formally, the JCR is run according to its Constitution and Standing Orders. If you have any questions regarding their content/interpretation, please contact the President.


OGMs are held fortnightly, on Sunday evening of 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks. They are where members can change things about how the JCR is run, and allocate funds (the JCR has a special budget for OGM motions) to certain causes.

To get something done in an OGM, you submit a motion to the Vice President, or you can use this form. To look up old records or minutes, visit the JCR’s records (SSO required).

Oliver Hobson
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Roisin Jennings
Vice President
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Affiliated Orgs & Careers Rep
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Our JCR is able to affiliate itself with any organisation that it wishes. If you want to discuss any of our current affiliations or ask about affiliating with somebody new, get in touch with our Affiliated Organisations Rep (

The JCR is currently affiliated with

  • The Oxford University Student Union (£0)


See the Charities page for more information on the JCR’s charitable activities and funds.


The JCR runs elections to the Executive Committee in Trinity Term. All other roles have elections throughout the year in OGMs.