Governing Documents

Our governing documents are an important point of reference for running the business of the JCR. They also help us work out what our aims ought to be as an organisation.

They use a style of precise language that may be unfamiliar, but really they are just a formalised way of recording what we think is important. The information in these documents stays with the JCR after all of the current members have graduated, so that the members that come after us can keep organising all the cool stuff the JCR does.


The Constitution is the foundation that sets out the basics of what the JCR is, how it should be governed, what its powers are, and what the charitable objects are that it is working towards. The Constitution is very rarely changed and all changes to it must be approved by the College.

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders fill in the specific details of how we want our JCR to function. They give descriptions of all of our committee roles, the conventions we use to structure our meetings, details of our democratic procedures, appendices about running things like the Winter Ball and the room ballot, and much more…

We keep the Standing Orders up to date by passing motions at OGM. In this way they are a collaborative record of what many generations of JCR members have learnt in running their JCR. If you would like to suggest a change, please read the information on this page to learn about how to propose a motion.