The JCR holds meetings every term. These usually take the form of OGMs (Ordrinary General Meetings) on alternate Sunday nights in the JCR. Much of the JCR’s business is conducted in these meetings, and all the feedback from what it and its officers have done is heard.

Attendance by JCR members is very much encouraged, with free Dominos pizza, and some beer or soft drinks to keep everyone going.

Importantly, OGMs are the vehicles by which you can be elected to certain JCR positions, and how you can submit motions to, for example, get access to JCR funds or to change something for the better.

Motions must be submitted to the Vice President the Wednesday before the upcoming meeting.

If you’re unsure about how to draft a motion, take a look at some of the previous ones in the archives to get an idea of how they’re set out and worded. If you’re still unsure, just get in touch with the Vice-President.

Have a look at the document below for an introduction to the procedure of OGMs

How to OGM